April Meeting and Members' Plant Sale featuring Jenny Wainright-Klein of Shachen Garden, Munich Botanic Garden

Apr 19, 2020 - 12:30pm - 4:00pm

Speaker: Jenny Wainright-Klein starting at 1:30

Plant Sale: starts at 12:30

  • Bala Raja of Ecosystems Canada will be selling coir products

Sowing supplies will be available for purchase at this meeting.


The Schachen- A Botanic Garden High Up in the Bavarian Alps

Jenny Wainwright-Klein
The Schachen Alpine Garden, a satellite garden of the Munich Botanic Garden, lies at 1850 m in the Wetterstein Mountains, 120 km south of Munich. Opened in 1901, a large and ever growing collection of alpine plants from Europe to the Carpathians, the Caucasus, Himalayas, the Arctic and North America are represented here, as are alpines from the Drakensberg and Maloti Mountains of South Africa, from New Zealand and Patagonia. The cool, moist summers are particularly suited for the cultivation of plants from the summer monsoon areas of the Himalayas with Meconopsis and Primulas one of the main attractions for visitors in July.


Jenny Wainwright-Klein

Jenny grew up in Zambia.She qualified as a horticulturist in South Africa and moved to the UK to work at Kew Garden. In 1992 she started work at the rock garden (Alpinum) at Munich Botanic Garden and became fascinated with alpines. Today she is supervisor of the alpine propagation unit and of the Alpine Garden on the Schachen Mountain, part of the Munich Botanic Garden. She is involved in numerous send collecting expeditions to Georgia and Lesotho.


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