April Meeting and Members' Plant Sale featuring Julia Corden of Explorers Garden in Pitlochry, Scotland

Apr 8, 2018 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Speaker starts at 1:30 p.m.

Members Showcase: Anna Leggatt will show a few Newfoundland pictures related to the NARGS annual meeting to be held there in July.

Come take part in the first members' plant sale of the season! Plant sale starts at 12 noon. If you are donating a large plant or carrying in numerous donations, the hand cart owned by ORG&HPS will be available for your use. It will be found by the membership desk.

Arie Vanspronsen will have a good selection of alpines, hardy Cyclamen and hardy Cacti for sale.

Virginia Hildebrant will also be selling plants. View plant list

This is your last chance to purchase pots, trays, labels, and glassine envelopes before we break for the summer.

Surplus seed from the ORG&HPS and NARGS exchanges will be available.

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In the Footsteps of George Sherriff

Julia Corden
The talk combines 5 Expeditions to Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh following routes that Sherriff explored 70 plus years ago. We rediscovered plants not seen in many years like Lilium sherriffii, Primula sherriffii. New locations for Meconopsis sherriffii, Saussurea’s, Primula’s, Rheum mobile by the hundred and discovered new species like Meconopsis ludlowii. We will travel the mountains meeting the local yak herders and trekking up to the Chinese Borders. The high mountain passes with Primula dryadifolia, Chionocharis hooheri and scenery are breath taking with valleys full of thousands of Meconopsis paniculata and sheets of beautifully scented Primula’s. https://www.explorersgarden.com/about-us/george-sherriff/


Julia Corden

Julia Corden has been the Garden Manager at The Explorers Garden, Pitlochry, Scotland for the past 15 years. The garden celebrates 150 years of Scottish Plant Hunters who traversed the world in search of plants: Forrest, Douglas, Sherriff and many more. The garden now has the National collection of Meconopsis and is a RHS Partner Garden. In her spare time Julia is a Botanical/Garden Guide for Brightwater Holidays leading trips to Costa Rica, Chile, South Africa, NZ, Japan and many more. She has been on many Expeditions into Bhutan and Arunchael Pradesh in the footsteps of George Sherriff, rediscovering plants not seen in the wild for over 70 years as well as new plants - Meconopsis ludlowii. Julia has been involved in Horticulture for over 35 years training at RHS Wisley and RBG Edinburgh. She has judged at Chelsea Flower Show, and RHS Committees. She has also led tours for AGS, SRGC, RHS. Now Julia is very involved with the SRGC - Show Secretary, Diana Aitchison Administrator for 10 years and she will be President in November 2018 and is chairperson for the International Alpines Conference 2021 which will be held in Perth, Scotland.

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