April Meeting and Members' Plant Sale featuring Tony Reznicek

Apr 9, 2017 - 12:30pm - 4:00pm

Our first plant sale of the season!! Bring a plant and buy a plant (or more)!!

Arie and Lee Vanspronsen will be selling their plants as well.

Membership Cards

At the request of several members, we have prepared membership cards which you can pick uyp at the meeting.

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Adapting Rock Gardening Techniques to your Local Conditions -- Crevice Gardens, Troughs, and Utilizing Tufa.

Tony Reznicek


Tony Reznicek

Tony describes himself as an ‘avid gardener, with interests in native plants, rock gardening, Chinese and Japanese woodland plants, hardy succulents, and plants of evolutionary and botanical interest.’ His research focuses on the evolution of sedges, with a focus on the Great Lakes region as well as the neotropics, especially Mexico. His interests also include the biogeography of N.E. North America specifically as it applies to the migration, colonization, and evolution of the flora of the region. Tony is also active in conservation strategies for the Great Lakes region.


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