April Meeting featuring Marion Jarvie and Members' Plant Sale

Apr 19, 2015 - 12:30pm - 4:00pm

Please disregard any publicity which indicated this meeting would take place on April 18. That was an error.

Members' Showcase is a double bill

  • Sheila Hirsch-Kalm -  Monet's Garden Inspirations
  • Myint Gillespie - "Chasing Spring 2 - to South America" 

Come and take part in our first members' plant sale of the season! Depending on the weather, donated plants may have been grown under glass or perhaps the first spring divisions will be available. Please label your plants with as much detail as possible.

Robert Pavlis will have GA3 available. 1gram for $3.

Arie vanSpronsen will have a table to sell plants he has propagated.

Virginia Hildebrandt has let us know that she will have a table with these plants for sale:

2 Callicarpa dichotoma 'lssai' 5in pot @$10. ea
2 Koelreuteria paniculata 4 in pot @ $10. ea
3 Pawlonia tomentosa 5 in pot @ $10. ea
2 Delphinium elatum 5 in pot @ $10. ea
1 Oenothera flava 4 in $3.0
1 Erinus aureus 3 in $4.
3 Meconopsis cambrica 3 in @ $4. ea
2 Draba longisiliqua 3 in @ $4. ea
3 Penstemon newberryii 3 in @ $4. ea
3 Papaver somniferum dbl yellow 3 in @ $4. ea
1 Primula veris 3 in @ $4.
3 Helleborus orientalis 3 in @ $10. ea
3 Amelopsis brevipedicularis ( Porcelain vine) 3 in @ $4. ea
2 Arabis alpina 3in @ $4. ea
3 Alyssum saxatile 3 in @ $ 4. ea
3 Holly (Ilex) 5 in @ $10. ea

Some of the plants donated by members to the sale include:

Lobelia tupa        8    (grown from seed this year)
Xerochrysum bracteatum    7      (grown from seed this year) 
Asarina procumbens    4      (grown from seed this year)
Dianthus 'Joan's Blood'    2    (grown from seed this year) 
Centranthus ruber    5    (grown from seed this year)
Inula helenium    2    (grown from seed this year)
Ostrich Fern    3    (large pot, plants still winter dormant)
Helleborus foetidus     5     (various sizes, 3 mature, 2 seedlings)
Freesia laxa Joan Evans     2 three packs
Scrophularia chhrysantha    2      (grown from seed this year)
Yellow primula    6    (one in bloom)
Crepis rubra     4 plants (in bud)
Scilla siberica     5 pots (in flower)
Crocus 'Blue Pearl'    2 pots
Mixed pot of Viburnum farreri shoot, clump of Galanthus nivalis and Muscari armeniacum   1


Plants to Fall in Love With

Marion Jarvie
Marion will delight us with images of new and unusual plants as well as some of her best loved picks!


Marion Jarvie

Marion Jarvie is a renowned plantswoman who has been gardening in Thornhill for over 30 years. She is passionate about plants and gardening and has travelled extensively to see plants and where they grow. Marion has been involved with both the Toronto and international gardening communities. She is an accomplished photographer and enthusiastic educator. Marion has lectured all over North America and in the UK, and teaches regularly at the Toronto Botanical Garden.


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