April Meeting: Panayoti Kelaidis - "Great Rock Gardens of Northern and Central Europe". Member's plant sale

Apr 13, 2014 - 12:30pm - 4:00pm

After the break, Diana Pooke will present the Members' Showcase: "Thugs in the Garden".

Please drop off any books which you are donating to the May 4 sale so that they can be sorted in advance.

Jellito seeds will be available for purchase. Details.

There will be an early spring plant sale which starts at 12:30. Wrightman Alpines will have plants for sale. Get in touch with Harvey and Irene Wrightman in advance if you have a special request. View Wrightman Alpines website.



"Great Rock Gardens of Northern and Central Europe".

Panayoti Kelaidis
North American horiticulture is so rich and diverse--particularly when it comes to rock garden and woodland plants--we sometimes forget that the Europeans have been at it far longer. This past spring and summer I had the privilege of spending several weeks in Scandinavia, Germany and then Scotland at the height of their flower season. I was astonished to realize the extent to which the great European public gardens have progressed, and the enormous sophistication of their gardening palette. Almost every public garden I visited had not only extensive rock gardens, but alpine houses and cold frames galore, all filled with treasures. Gothenburg botanic garden in April is prime season for bulbs, and this past spring was breathtaking there: all manner of iris, tulip and fritillary, of course, but much much more. Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh continue their spiraling trajectory of excellence, but the surprise of the trip for me this summer was the botanic garden at Wurzburg. That is a gardener's garden! Come listen and you too may plan a trip to Europe too soon!


Panayoti Kelaidis

Currently Senior Curator and Director of Outreach at Denver Botanic Gardens (DBG) where Panayoti has worked since 1980. Panayoti began his career as curator of the Rock Alpine Garden which is a signature garden at DBG: the showcase of thousands of plants from around the world, many introduced to horticulture by Panayoti through Plant Select of which he was one of the original architects. Panayoti has discovered many plants, three being plants of great horticultural beauty: Delosperma sphalmanthoides Hammer, Spiranthes diluvialis Scheviak, Moraea vigilans Goldblatt and Manning. He has explored much of North America including Mexico, the Andes in Chile and Argentina, Eurasia from Spain to Mongolia. He has travelled six times to South Africa—concentrating on the Drakensberg mountains and the Karoo. He has lectured in over 120 cities in 10 countries. He has received numerous honors including the Scott Medal of Swarthmore Arboretum and the Liberty Hyde Bailey award of the American Horticultural Society, both generally considered the top honors for horticulturists in the United States.


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