February Meeting featuring Erika Schroedersecker

Feb 8, 2015 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Bring a friend and a cup!

We'll be distributing printed 2015 Handbooks to those who ordered them. 2015 Membership cards will be available, too. If you don't make it to the meeting, we'll send your handbook and/or membership card by mail.

For the Members Showcase, Anna Leggatt will tell us about the NARGS Annual Meeting last year in Santa Fe.


Succulents of the Western Cape and Namaqualand- a Travelogue

Erika Schroedersecker
Erika will share with us her passion for succulent plants and her quest to find them in their natural environment.


Erika Schroedersecker

Erika is a passionate plantswoman. Her obsession began as a young child watching her parents build perennial and rock gardens. By the age of 15 she started to take over her parents' garden, and began buying and importing alpines and bulbs from nurseries in North America. Erika's garden is comprised of a greenhouse with a large bulb collection, alpines, and curiosities from all over the world as well as alpine troughs and containers.Erika is the president of the Toronto Cactus and Succulent club. Check out Erika's passion for plants at: www.erikasplantmenagerie.blogspot.com/.


Toronto Botanical Garden

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