January Meeting featuring Marion Jarvie

Jan 13, 2019 - 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Marion's talk will start at 1:30

Members Showcase: Favourite Books

  • Please bring one or two books to show the members and tell them why you find it helpful (not more than 5 minutes).
  • We will put the books on a table after the talks so members can look at them.

Anyone in attendance who is not yet a member can enter a draw for a free membership. Gabriela Costea, owner of the Internet seed business called BotanyCa, has generously donated this membership asking that it "be offered to a new person expressing interest in rock gardening and/or starting to grow plants from seeds."

Laura Grant says "I have seeds of Monkey puzzle trees (Araucaria araucana) to share with anyone interested". She'll bring them to the meeting.

Pick up your Seedex order.

Seed Sowing Supplies will be available. Unfortunately, we have not yet obtained the trays which match the small pots.

Small Pots

10/$1.00    100/$9.00


Large Pots


Matching Trays

$2.00 each


Glassine Envelopes



Vinyl Plant Labels





Pruning Everything!

Marion Jarvie
Marion will talk about pruning anything and everything in the garden.


Marion Jarvie

Marion Jarvie is a renowned plantswoman who has been gardening in Thornhill for over 30 years. She is passionate about plants and gardening and has travelled extensively to see plants and where they grow. Marion has been involved with both the Toronto and international gardening communities. She is an accomplished photographer and enthusiastic educator. Marion has lectured all over North America and in the UK, and teaches regularly at the Toronto Botanical Garden.


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