March Meeting featuring Mike Bone of Denver Botanic Garden

Mar 8, 2020 - 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Talk by Mike Bone starts at 1:30

Members Showcase : Mary Ann Robinson "Aging in the Garden”  - Suggestions based on her gardening years, from a senior perspective.

Virginia Hildebrandt will be selling plants starting at 12:30. View list

Free: a variety of cachepots, clear plastic pots for orchids and a few tall clay pots. Please bring your own container or bag for carrying them home.

For auction: pot of 3 Clivia miniata x 'Waterford Yellow'

Sowing supplies will be available for purchase at this meeting. Glassine envelopes for seed saving are 50/$1.00.

Remember to make note of the parking code in the March Journal. If you forget the code, ask for it at the membership desk.

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Bringing the Steppe into our Gardens

Mike Bone
Mike Bone has worked for 20 years at Denver Botanic and Plant Select to bring wild collected material into cultivation. His particular area of interest is plants of Steppe regions. Mike will share with us some of his favourites.


Mike Bone

Mike Bone is the curator of the Steppe Garden, and oversees the trial gardens, plant breeding, and propagation of wild collected material brought into the Denver Botanic garden. He is an enthusiastic gardener and collector of plants. Mike has contributed to six publications by the DBG including Steppes; The Plants and Ecology of the World's Semi-Arid Regions.Mike is an avid traveller and photographer.

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