March Meeting featuring Oron Peri

Mar 15, 2015 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Bring a friend and a cup!

Inclement weather on the day of the February meeting kept many members at home. If you usually attend meetings, your Handbook will be available to pick up at the membership desk in March. After that, we'll mail any which have not been distributed.

Members Showcase: Erika Schroedersecker - "Flora of Uganda "- bird and primates, too!



Bulbs of the Eastern Mediterranean

Oron Peri
Oron will present images of his travels throughout the Mediterranean in search of bulbs in their natural habitat.


Oron Peri

Oron Peri was born in Jerusalem where he was fascinated from a tender age by the nature that surrounded his home, in particular the annual carpets of red Anemone coronaria and highly scented Narcissus. His main interests are bulbous plants particularly those of the Mediterranean and Central Asia of which he has a large and important collection. Oron has traveled extensively to these countries to see the plants in their natural habitats. Oron is a plantsman, Botanist, Garden Designer, photographer and is involved in a number of international forums and societies. He also leads botanical tours in different parts of the world. His book 'Bulbs of The Eastern Mediterranean is due to be published in 2014 by the AGS.


Toronto Botanical Garden

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