November Meeting featuring Marilyn Cornwell, and AGM

Nov 8, 2015 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Join our own Marilyn Cornwell for a beautifully photographed tour of some of the finest North American gardens.

Check out the photos of plants to be listed in our upcoming Seedex.  Your contributions to this preview should be brought to the meeting on a memory stick.

It's time to renew your membership for 2016. To assist in the process, please bring us a completed membership renewal application and a written summary of any changes you would like to have made to your garden listing in the handbook.

We anticipate that the AGM will be very brief, as always! Your vote for the Board of Directors will be needed. According to our constitution, "Fifty members shall constitute a quorum with a 65% approval required for passage. In the event that there are insufficient members present to form a quorum, the decisions of the Governing Committee will prevail.'


Magic and Mystery in the Great Public Gardens of North America

Marilyn Cornwell
Join garden explorer and photographer Marilyn Cornwell to experience the magic and mystery of such great North American public gardens as Longwood, Winterthur, Chanticleer, Butchart and Chihuly as well as sultry tropical gardens in Florida such as Bok Tower, Marie Selby and the Four Arts Garden.  Find out what makes for magic and mystery in the garden and how to make it come alive in your garden.


Marilyn Cornwell

Marilyn Cornwell is a gardener and photographer living in Grimsby Ontario. After changing her career path in 2009 from IT and advertising to photography, Marilyn has devoted herself to understanding the relationship between great garden design and great photography.


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