October Meeting and Members' Plant Sale featuring Elisabeth Zander

Oct 21, 2018 - 12:30pm - 4:00pm

Speaker, Elisabeth Zander, begins at 1:30 p.m.

Plant Sale begins at 12:30 p.m. and continues after the speaker.

  • Volunteers will be on hand to receive plants at 12:00.
  • Remember to provide as much detail as you can on the labels and also to price all the plants which you donate.
  • Pagoda Dogwoods will be available. (contact Veronica Callinan for details)
  • Vendor: Arie Vanspronsen
  • Vendor: Mason House Gardens with a fantastic selection of bulbs
  • Vendor: Virginia Hildebrandt. Here is a list of her plants.

Members Showcase: Anna Leggatt "Envirolok Wall and Associated Beds"
(Anna's 14 year old stone wall kept collapsing with frost heave and now is replaced with a new earth-bag planted wall. How will it succeed and what happened to all the stone?)


The Evolution of my Garden

Elisabeth Zander
"The Evolution of my Garden" Elisabeth will give us a look into the development of her garden from old to new. She will share her adventures in sand beds, raised beds, troughs, crevice gardens, growing a range of plants from high alpines to Eastern woodland flora.


Elisabeth Zander

While working in the propagation department at White Flower Farm in the mid 80’s, Elisabeth was introduced to the wonders of rock gardening by some of the greats in the Connecticut chapter of NARGS. Shortly thereafter she joined the Berkshire Chapter of NARGS and worked under Norman Singer as the Newsletter Editor. An avid grower since joining, she was sowing well over 1,400 packets of seed yearly by the late 90’s. She built raised berms, hill pocket, and shade gardens to house all the plants and kept over 2,500 species thriving. At the turn of the millennium, Elisabeth moved her gardening to a blank slate of property in Goshen. Since then, she and her husband Rod have built a greenhouse, stone walls, plunge beds, troughs, raised beds, sand beds, and extensive crevice gardens. In 2018 they received the Linc and Timmy Foster Millstream Garden Award for creating a superior garden which reflects the standards of the Millstream Garden. Still sowing seed, she has tapered down to a couple of hundred packets of seed a year!


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