September Meeting and Members' Plant Sale: René Giguère of Montreal Botanical Garden

Sep 10, 2017 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Welcome back! Bring some treasures from you garden to sell - so you can buy some more at our members' plant sale!

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Montreal Botanical Garden - The Alpinum

René Giguère
The collection of alpines at the Montreal Botanical Garden holds the highest number of taxons among all other collections of the garden. As curator of this garden from November 1993 until March 2017 Rene oversaw many changes in the face of the alpinum. Rene will provide a brief look at the nursery and its production. He will also share the development of crevice gardens, troughs and construction of new mountains. The austral mountains, as they are called, are the latest addition to the alpinum, which display collections of alpines from New-Zealand, South Africa and South America. Rene will provide an inside look at the construction, the design, the techniques for moving large rocks. Rene will discuss how plants have responded in Montreal’s northern climate after their first winter.


René Giguère

Rene is newly retired from the Montreal Botanical Garden where he was curator of the alpine garden at for 23 years. Rene trained as a biologist at Concordia University. Rene began his work with Montreal International Floralies in 1980 when he became a guide for the exposition at the Montreal Botanical Garden. He continued there taking courses and working toward the development of the Alpine Garden. In 2000 Rene, with a group of other interested folks, founded the Quebec Alpine and Rock Garden Society which subsequently became a chapter of NARGS. He was its chair for the first 5 years. Rene has been lecturing and teaching at various horticultural groups around the province for over 35 years.


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