Sanguinaria canadensis

Sanguinaria canadensis MIDD 2014
Germination Tips


Sow immediately. The viability of these seeds is short or the species propagates best with fresh seed. Stored seed might be coaxed into germination with temperature cycling and patience.


This species needs special care as described.


Give sown seeds several weeks @ 20°C to imbibe water (perhaps even germinate!), then expose to fluctuating outdoor winter temperatures including freezing for 3 months. Gradually increase light and temperature in spring. See

Special Care: 
germination unlikely after dry storage > 6 months. Gabriela Costea notes that fresh or moist packed seeds seeds can have two types of morphophysiological dormancy (after Baskin & Baskin): In the first case the roots will emerge in late fall after a warm stratification and the shoots growth will begin in the following spring (= after cold stratification); deep simple epicotyl dormancy. In the second case (said to occur (said to occur in about 49% of seeds according to a study), the shoots growth will begin in the second spring after sowing; deep simple double dormancy. It is well known that the germination dormancy traits have a genetic component.
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