Russell Stafford

Russell Stafford
mail [at] odysseybulbs [dot] com
Hortiholic and plant evangelist Russell Stafford is founder, owner, webmaster, nursery manager, propagator, shipping and telemarketing supervisor, data entry specialist, custodian, and all other positions at Odyssey Bulbs, an on-line micronursery specializing in cool and uncommon geophytes. He also works as a plantsman- and scribbler-for-hire specializing in native and obscure plants. He formerly served as curator and head of horticulture at Fernwood Botanic Garden in Niles, Michigan; as horticultural program coordinator at the Center for Plant Conservation (then located at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts); and in various other horticultural capacities. His academic degrees include a masters in forest science from Harvard University. He lives, works, and plays with plants in South Lancaster, Massachusetts.

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Geophytes for Different Garden Habitats