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Here's a lovely clematis to end off the summer season. Read more

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At Oct. 18th meeting:“Alpine Gardening in the Netherlands and Belgium" - Arie Vanspronsen

At Nov 8 meeting: Preview of donations to 2020 Seedex (Send your photos to Anna Leggatt. We will no longer be posting them on the new website)

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Plant of the Month for September, 2020

 (Klem-uh-tiss  hair-uh-klee-ih-FOH-lee-uh)

General Information:

Clematis heracleifolia is an unusual clematis. It doesn’t vine and it’s semi-woody even though it is treated as a perennial. It also flowers late summer or early fall when most clematis are done for the season. If you see it in the garden for the first time you won’t believe it’s a clematis.

clematis heracleifolia, photo by Robert Pavlis

Clematis heracleifolia:photo by Robert...