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Feb. 9, 1- 4 pm. Hands on workshop. Free for members. Non-members welcome if there is space info [at] onrockgarden [dot] com (Contact us)

An interesting oddity for the rock garden. Read more.

At TBG Dec 9, 1- 4 p.m. Free. Non-members welcome. Details

Learn from the best! At TBG Jan 13. Admission free. Non-members welcome. Details


Feb. 9 1-4 p.m.

Join a small group of enthusiasts while going over the basic process of seed sowing – hands on! If you have seeds you want to start, bring them. If you don’t have seeds, don’t worry. We have lots! The equipment and materials you need will be provided. No charge for members! Bring a friend! If you have a laptop, tablet or smart phone, bring it along. We’ll explore ORG&HPS' famous germination guide. Non-members will be welcome to participate if there is space. A fee will be charged to cover the cost of supplies used by non-members.

info [at] onrockgarden [dot] com (subject: seed%20sowing%20workshop) (Contact us) to register or obtain more information.

What's New!

  • Posted on November 15, 2018

    Unfortunately, this event co-incides with our Super Plant Sale on May 5.

  • Posted on November 8, 2018

    In her fall newsletter, Marjorie discusses watering in the face of climate change and pruning of Japanese maples. View newsletter

  • Posted on November 1, 2018

    Peter Keeping would like everyone to know that the International Clematis Society will be holding its annual conference in Portland, Oregon in June 2019. It will be a week jam-packed full of visits and tours for clematis fanciers. View the conference brochureFor registration and accommodation information, info [at] onrockgarden [dot] com (contact us.)

  • Posted on September 10, 2018

    Taunton Press will give ORG&HPS members 40% off their books and those of their associate publishers (in time for Christmas purchases and gifts.) Check with Bev Sutton for details.

  • Posted on September 10, 2018

    Robert Pavlis, editor of our Plant of the Month, author, mythbuster and blogger has posted a glowing review of “The Ever Curious Gardener – Using a Little Natural Science for a Much Better Garden" by Lee Reich. Read Robert's review.

Upcoming Speakers

Cultivation and propagation of the genus Saxifraga (porphyrion, saxifragae and lingulatae)

Ger van den Beuken

Ger runs a small nursery, specializing rare alpines in the Netherlands. His interest in alpines started about 35 years ago, during his first treks in the mountains. He particularly focused on the high alpine vegetation such as Saxifraga, Androsace,...

Plants from Wild to Cultivation:How Edinburgh Botanic Features and Grows New Plants

John Mitchell

AfterJohn obtained his Horticultural qualification he worked at St Andrews Botanic Garden, Inverewe. For the last 30 years John has worked at Edinburgh Botanic Garden, the last 19 as Supervisor. His main duties are managing the Alpine Department...

Plant of the Month for November, 2018

 (buh-kin-NICH-ee-uh  ka-BUL-ee-kah)

General Information:

Bukiniczia cabulica is one of the cutest rock garden plants you can grow. Its flowers are reported to be pink, but all I see is a tan colour. This does not really matter because you don’t grow it for the flowers. This plant is all about leaves which are a mottled blue green.

Bukiniczia cabulica, first year seedlings (1/4" rock) :photo by Robert Pavlis

It is easy to grow from seed and it self-seeds near the...