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Deborah Hardwick

Deborah Hardwick is an avid 'clematarian' who has spent the last 15 years studying, collecting, growing and now hybridizing clematis. Her garden contains a collection of over 1300 registered and species clematis taxon in addition to her nursery with...

Plant of the Month for September, 2016

 (roo-EL-ee-uh  HEW-mil-is)

General Information:

Petunias are very popular in the garden but in colder climates they are annuals. The wild petunia, Ruellia humilis, is a hardy perennial that can take the place of other petunias.

Ruellia humilis:photo by Robert Pavlis

Ruellia humilis, by Robert Pavlis

Ruellia humilis has a number of common names including praire petunia, fringe-leaf wild petunia, hairy ruellia, hairy wild petunia and the fringe-leaf...