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The Plant of the Month is a tall, regal summer-flowering bulb. Read more.


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  • Posted on November 13, 2020

    Brian Bixley sent along this note:

    The most charming comment on Minding The Garden: Lilactree Farm, a new gardening book that pushes the boundaries of the gardening literature, comes from an American purchaser’s comment on Amazon: ‘This is an outstanding gardening book - highly literate, witty, and engaging as the dickens. The author is based not in some ancestral English manse but on a frigid Canadian site he and his wife have developed themselves. I really like the serendipitous qualities of the book. There are 125 sections, some only a paragraph long, and you can savor them two or three at a time, like chocolates, all winter long.’ Get ordering Info

  • Posted on October 13, 2020
    The North American Rock Garden Society (NARGS) will present Troughs Coast to Coast: Celebrating Gardens with Rock Plants in Containers, a virtual International Study Day, on Saturday, November 14th at 2 PM EST. The cost is $25 for NARGS members; and $50 (which includes the pleasure of joining NARGS) for nonmembers. Troughs Coast to Coast is being held as a live online Zoom event but your ticket will allow you to view the event later or revisit any part of it any number of times. Presentations on how to build, plant, and display troughs will be made by horticultural authorities from disparate gardens as that from the roof of the NYC Rockefeller Center, the (Tilden Park) Regional Parks Botanic Garden (Berkeley, CA), the Millstream Garden Award 2020 recipient and Philadelphia Flower Show medalist, and the Denver Botanic Gardens. Plus design, plant choice and care at Wrightman’s Nursery. Questions? email nargspres [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Posted on September 27, 2020

    Lost Horizons' stock is available at 20% off. Larry Davidson, the owner, has informed us that the nursery  will be open this fall from Wednesday to Sunday, 10AM - 5PM, for as long as the weather holds. If the weather turns nasty please call ahead to make sure they're open. They still hope the nursery will sell (glass quarter full) but if not it will be opening in the spring to sell off remaining stock.  http://www.losthorizons.ca

  • Posted on August 9, 2020

    Hazel Cook's friend, Kris Jurik, is the director/treasurer of the American Peony Society. Click here to see a video tour of her garden in Iowa.

  • Posted on August 2, 2020

    This likely is a "brushing" scam. See https://fortune.com/2020/07/30/what-is-brushing-scam-china-mystery-seeds The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning Canadians not to plant packages of “unsolicited” seeds. The agency said in a statement that these seeds can contain invasive species and can be harmful to agricultural and natural areas.

Upcoming Speakers

'The Extraordinary Flora of Japan'

Liz Knowles

Liz has been gardening in the Hockley Valley for 45 years. Her one hectare garden comprises several perennial beds, extensive rock and crevice gardens and raised tufa beds. There are also woodland gardens and a grass and pollinator garden.

A Hillside Garden in Coastal British Columbia.

David Sellars

David Sellars is an award winning photographer and is a Past- President of the Alpine Garden Club of British Columbia. Together with his wife, Wendy, he is developing an extensive alpine and woodland garden in coastal British Columbia. The garden...

Plant of the Month for November, 2020

 (or-ni-THOG-al-um  KAN-dee-kans)

General Information:

Ornithogalum candicans, is a tall, regal summer-flowering bulb that is little known in gardens. You might recognize it as Galtonia candicans. This plant was reclassified in 2004 when all of the Galtonia species were moved into the Ornithogalum genus, which I think is a shame since some of this genus, like star-of-Bethlehem, are garden thugs. O. candicans seeds very little and only at the base of the parent. It is no thug.