At TBG on February 19. Free admission. Non-members welcome. Details

At 11 am and 4 pm on March 12 at TBG. Free admission. Non-members welcome. Details

A striking plant providing year-round interest. Read more.

A presentation by Lee and Arie Vanspronsen at our meeting on Feb 19. Details

We'll have many choice plants which are seldom available at garden centres. Details

On April 9 at TBG. Free Admission. Non-members welcome. Details


Despite the cold weather, as the days lengthen it's exciting to think that we can anticipate bits of green outdoors by the first week of March. You might have found that your first seeds germinated only 3 days after they were sown and now you have many pots of seedlings and more to come. Cuttings taken last fall are already developing into sturdy specimens. We count on our members to propagate and nurture these young plants for the Super Plant Sale, coming on May 7. Divisions of mature plants sell particularly well, so please set aside the extra bits from spring clean up to donate to our sale.

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Plant Highlights from My Travels Around the World

Anna Leggatt

Anna has a BSc. in Botany from London University, a Diploma in Nature Interpretation from Humber College and a Diploma in Horticulture from Guelph. She is currently employed as a part time Nature Interpreter at the Kortright Centre for Conservation...

My Accidental Scree Garden

Miriam Goldberger

Long before “Sustainable” became a powerful buzzword, Miriam Goldberger began growing wildflowers. A flower farmer since 1986, Miriam is an expert in organic and sustainable gardening. She is the founder and co-owner of Wildflower Farm, a wildflower...