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Please let us if you would like to share some experiences. Contactinfo [at] onrockgarden [dot] com ( info [at] onrockgarden [dot] com) It could be a travelogue, some favorite plant pictures, a demonstration, your small business, a garden visit etc. It should last at the most, 30 minutes Ideally, it should have some plant references, however vague.

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North American Cordillera Plants for the Canadian Garden

Jay Akerley

Jay Akerley is a rock and alpine gardening enthusiast with gardens in both Greater Vancouver and high on the Thompson Plateau in BC's Interior. His degree in Geography from Simon Fraser University and subsequent training at the Pacific Horticulture...

Orchids for Dry and Wet Places in the Garden

Inge Poot

As she describes it, Inge Poot has been gardening all her life. Since her marriage 55 years ago to Peter, her life has revolved around orchids. Inge has a B.Sc.and a Master's degree in mycology. She began her working career as a math and science...

Plant of the Month for September, 2019

 (lig-yoo-LAR-ee-uh  sha-VAL-skee-eye)

General Information:

Ligularia przewalskii is a great plant for part shade to heavy shade. It likes lots of moisture but does just fine with medium moisture levels. It has interesting toothed leaves and tall yellow flower spikes that contrast well with other shade plants. I cut it back after flowering and that is all the maintenance it gets. By spring, in zone 5, the leaves are on the ground and you can just leave them there. New foliage will soon cover them.