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Chanticleer and the Evolution of the Gravel Garden

Lisa Roper

Lisa Roper is the Gravel Garden and Ruin horticulturist at Chanticleer, a public garden in Wayne Pa. where she has gardened for the past 26 years in various parts of the garden.  Lisa also photographs Chanticleer Garden weekly for What’s in Bloom on...

Colour in Your Garden '365'

Darren Heimbecker

Darren Heimbecker is the owner and creative force behind Whistling Gardens, Canada's newest botanical garden. Darren worked as a propagator, shipper and field manager for 18 years before setting out on his own. Darren has a passion for conifers and...

Plant of the Month for December, 2017

 (Klem –uh-tiss  AL-pine-a)

General Information:

Clematis alpina is a very hardy, early flowering vine that adds a great splash of color in your spring garden and then goes on to make interesting seed heads in late summer. As seen in the picture below, I grow it in a planter, in zone 5 and leave it outside all year. You can also plant it in the garden and just about forget about it. It doesn't need to be pruned, and it will not take over most trees and shrubs the way some larger clematis do.

Clematis alpina by Robert Pavlis