December Meeting: Harvey Wrightman - Clay Crevice Construction, New Techniques for New Plants

Dec 9, 2012 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

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Clay Crevice Construction, New Techniques for New Plants

Harvey Wrightman
A visit from Josef Halda led to some new plantings, done intensively using a clay-smear technique the Czechs use for those wonderful vertical constructions they create. This presentation is a pictorial overview of how it is done. Many more plants can be grown in a small garden or trough; their care is simplified and the visual aspect is greatly enhanced. The technique itself is elegantly simple.


Harvey Wrightman

Harvey operates Wrightman Alpines Nursery. His passion for alpines is only surpassed by his skill in propagation and growing them. His talks and workshops are highly educational and he always brings plants for sale when he talks.


Toronto Botanical Garden

777 Lawrence Ave. E
Toronto, ON