March Meeting: Liz Knowles - Echoes of Wild Places

Mar 11, 2012 - 1:30pm - 4:00pm


Echoes of Wild Places

Liz Knowles
The talk Echoes of WIld Places is constantly evolving as we travel to different destinations. It originated some years back when someone commented "please, not another travel talk". Instead I focus on plants that we have seen in the wild that will grow in our gardens in Southern Ontario. Seeing a plant growing in its native habitat often makes it easier to place in the garden. And there is always the challenge of trying to grow something special or exotic that I have seen on one of our trips.


Liz Knowles

Liz & George Knowles have been developing their garden in the Hockley Valley for over 40 years. It includes a number of perennial and woodland beds, a large grass garden and several rock gardens. Liz’s focus is currently on raised tufa beds and crevices as she grows more of the alpines seen on travels through Europe, Central Asia and the Himalayas.


Toronto Botanical Garden

777 Lawrence Ave. E
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