October Meeting and Members' Plant Sale

Oct 20, 2013 - 12:30pm - 4:00pm

Enjoy our last plant sale of the season. Bring plants to share. Bring a friend. Bring your cup.

Members Showcase: DVD presentation of  Les Quatre Vents by the late Frank Cabot, donated by Rodger Inglis


Collect it, Name it, Label it: The role of the herbarium in sorting out confusing plant names

Natalie Iwanycki
The proper names of plants, as confusing as they may often be, are important for our communication. With Latin names and the many synonyms out there, finding the right name for a plant can prove to be a challenge even for the most experienced plantsman. And when it comes to the names of cultivated plants, sorting out the differences between common names, cultivar names, trade designations and even patents and trademarks can be daunting. Find out how Royal Botanical Gardens tackles tricky plants names, and how Natalie’s work in collecting and identifying specimens of garden plants for the herbarium facilitates this. Topics that Natalie will cover in her talk include how the botanical and the cultivated plant codes of nomenclature regulate plant names, the role that cultivar registration plays in the use and promotion of proper cultivated plant names, how plant patents and trade designations have changed the practice of naming and labeling our garden plants. You will learn about the role of a herbarium in identifying plants and in promoting the use of proper plant names. Tools and resources that can be used to assist with tricky plant names will also be reviewed.


Natalie Iwanycki

Natalie has always been passionate about plants, and ever since she was a young girl it had been her dream to study plants. Natalie has Bachelors degree majoring in Botanical Science from McGill University, and a Masters degree in Forest Conservation from the University of Toronto. As the Herbarium Curator & Field Botanist at Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG), Natalie oversees the curation of RBG's 60,000 botanical specimen collection, provides plant identification services and training to professionals, and conducts in situ and ex situ research on Ontario's rare and endangered flora. Natalie is also knowledgeable in the taxonomy and nomenclature of wild and cultivated plants, and serves as the chair of the American Public Gardens Association's Plant Nomenclature and Taxonomy Section. She is currently involved in developing policies and procedures to ensure that best and consistent practices in naming plants are applied to the living and non-living botanical collections at RBG.


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