October Meeting: Jim Reveal - The Botanical Adventures of Lewis and Clark

Oct 14, 2012 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

This month's presentation will feature the plant discoveries of Lewis and Clark. Author, Dan Cooper will be attending with copies of his new book "Gardening from a Hammock". A signed copy would make a great gift for your gardening friends!


The Botanical Adventures of Lewis and Clark

Jim Reveal will explain that discovering plants was one of the driving forces behind the Lewis and Clark expedition, which began in 1803. President Thomas Jefferson's instructions to Lewis were very simple. He was to report on all the plants they saw, when they flowered, when they formed fruit. He was specifically to look for plants that were of agricultural use, medicinal use, possible forage plants and plants that possibly were of value in the flowering garden." From 1804 until 1806, more than 200 specimens were sent back to Philadelphia. Many were new to science, and a wide variety still grows in our gardens today.




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