Cercis siliquastrum

Germination Tips


This species needs special care as described.


Requires scarification. Nick or rub between sheets of sandpaper.  See https://youtu.be/icB9HrqdQqU  Seed coat of Baptisia and Oxytropis and other Fabaceae can be scarified by soaking in boiling water. See http://botanicallyinclined.org/continuing-the-sowing-in-hot-water


Use repeated cycles of 4°C, then 20°C for 3 months each. Germination is very prolonged.
Special Care: 
scarify for 20 minutes in 95% sulphuric acid. Caution: THIS CAN BE A DANGEROUS PROCEDURE. See http://journals.tubitak.gov.tr/agriculture/issues/tar-11-35-3/tar-35-3-5-1003-848.pdf
Most of the seeds in our Germination Guide have been offered from time to time in our annual Seed Exchange (Seedex).