Seed Exchange


2019 Seedex


The deadline for placing orders has passed. We are now packaging your order and will put it in the mail after Jan. 12. Remember that orders are available for pick-up at the Jan 12 meeting, if requested.


If your country is part of the E.U. or has an agricultural agreement with the E.U., be aware that new requirements for importing seed will be implemented on Dec. 15, 2019. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements before your place your Seedex order.


Residents of the USA can order only those seeds approved for entry into your country. 
Restricted seeds are identified in our Seedex with the symbol [X] in the germination 
code. As well, USDA inspectors will reject any seed identified only as "sp." if even one
plant in its entire genus is considered endangered.

Please keep in mind that a Small Lots of Seed Permit is required and must be sent in 
with your order, along with the Conditions, an itemized list of the seed names, your
own mailing label and the yellow and green mailing label. If you have recently applied
for the permit, and expect it soon, you can send it later on.  USA regulations restrict
importation to 50 packets of seed, but if you fill in all 60 spaces, we'll stop when we
get to 50 if you were lucky enough to get all your wishes!


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