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2019 Seedex


The deadline for submitting the list of seeds which you are donating is Oct. 31. Where possible, bring your seeds to the Oct. 6 and Nov. 10 meetings. If the seeds are late ripening, we can receive them up until Dec. 24.

A spreadsheet for creating your list of donated seed has been sent to every member and included in the Oct. newsletter. For your convenience, it can be downloaded here


Completing the Seed Donation Spreadsheet for the 2019 ORG&HPS Seed Exchange

The Seed Donation spreadsheet is a blank copy of this year's Seedex list. The spreadsheet is provided in both Microsoft Excel format (.xls) and Microsoft Works format (.xlr). It would be a great help if you could use the spreadsheet, in either format, when filling out your donation and then email the completed version back to me atarie [dot] v [at] sympatico [dot] ca ( Arie [dot] V [at] sympatico [dot] ca). If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me either by email or by phone at 905-689-6722.

In addition, it would be greatly appreciated if you could review the following instructions before you enter the information regarding your donation into the spreadsheet. It seems that many Seedex submissions do not follow these instructions which results in considerable rework to get them into the standard format and adds to the challenge of completing the Seedex on time.

The columns on the Donation Form, with instructions, are as follows:

A. Item number.

B. Genus – please enter the genus on its own in this column and enter the species or hybrid separately in the next column.

C. Species or Hybrid – the species or hybrid name should be separate from the genus and should not repeat the genus.

D. W – stands for wild collected seed; enter a W if this is the case.

E. Col – stands for colour i.e. pink is pink, white is whit; the colour should be abbreviated using the first 4 letters and should be typed in lower case.

F. Tp – stands for type i.e. perennial (PE), bulb (BU), shrub (SH), vine (VI), annual (AN) etc.

G. Ht – stands for height; the height should be in cms but should be entered as a number only, without including the “cms”.

H. Description – this is an opportunity to give your view of the plant along with growing tips; the description should not exceed 95 characters in length (punctuation and spaces between words count as characters); descriptions longer than 95 characters will need to be edited (descriptions under 95 characters should be ok assuming the widths of the characters are randomly distributed). You may find that your description spans the full width of the column, and continues onto a second line, well before you reach 95 characters in length, and that’s acceptable.

I. Donor – usually the first 4 characters of your surname, all in upper case.

Note for Apple users:

You can use Apple Numbers to enter your information into the attached Microsoft Excel (xls) spreadsheet. In that case, please try to save the result as an Excel spreadsheet. Do a Save As ...and then select Save Copy as an Excel Spreadsheet. If you run into any problems with the Save As, just save your spreadsheet in the usual manner as an Apple Numbers file and email that to me instead; we can do the conversion at the receiving end.

Don't be shy about donating seed. Any number of packs will be gratefully received.

Please mail your packages of seed to Arie Vanspronsen PO Box 1234 2 Union Street Waterdown Ontario L0R2H0 as soon as possible and before October 31st 2019.

Or you can drop the seed off at the November and December meeting.

In some cases, seeds may not have ripened by the deadline. If this is the case, please let me know what you intend to send, by the due date, and the seeds can arrive later when ripe and dry.




In the interest of improving the quality of seed donated and distributed through our Seedex, we are providing the guidelines found below.  To download the entire article on the subject, as published in our March 2019 Journal, click here.


Residents of the USA can order only those seeds approved for entry into your country. 
Restricted seeds are identified in our Seedex with the symbol [X] in the germination 
code. As well, USDA inspectors will reject any seed identified only as "sp." if even one
plant in its entire genus is considered endangered.

Please keep in mind that a Small Lots of Seed Permit is required and must be sent in 
with your order, along with the Conditions, an itemized list of the seed names, your
own mailing label and the yellow and green mailing label. If you have recently applied
for the permit, and expect it soon, you can send it later on.  USA regulations restrict
importation to 50 packets of seed, but if you fill in all 60 spaces, we'll stop when we
get to 50 if you were lucky enough to get all your wishes!








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