Super Plant Sale

This event has been cancelled as have all our plant sales until further notice.

The public is welcome at all of our sales and meetings and there is no admission fee.

This signifies that the vendor is a member of ORG&HPS 


Sheila Cule and Peter Keeping will have perennials from Sheila and clematis from Peter. Click here to download list of available clematis. You can place an order now for pick-up at the sale. Contact p [dot] keeping [at] sympatico [dot] ca

Virginia Hildebrandt will offer a wide range of rock garden and alpine plants for sale, grown in her hoop house. vhildebrandt [at] sentex [dot] ca (Contact Virginia) to reserve plants for pick-up at the sale or at some time in the future. View list.

Mary Ann Robinson sells tomatoes, both heritage and newer hybrids, some sweet pea which she grows from seed and possibly a small selection of perennials dug from her garden..

Anna Mizyn brings a variety of hardy cacti, sempervivums, sedums, perennials, dwarf evergreens and Japanese maples. Anna says "We will have quite few this spring". You can place an order now for pick-up at the sale.

Simone and Jim Lounsbery will be selling dwarf & unusual conifers, Japanese maples as well as choice woodies for small spaces. You may order in advance if you wish by contacting them through their website and they will gladly bring your plants to the sale for pickup.

  Virginia Hildebrandt's wide selection of plants propagated in her hoop house will be available for purchase. Contact Virginia to have plants set aside for pick-up at the sale or a future meeting. View the list of plants.

Majella Larochelle brings a wide selection of alpines and new primulas which he has hybridized.  No orders can be placed in advance.

Caleb, our youngest member, will be selling edible plants and flowers which he has raised himself. All proceeds will go to the David Suzuki Foundation.

Darren Heimbecker (Whistling Gardens) will have choice peonies and rare and unique trees (see on-line catalogue). You can place an order in advance for pick-up at the sale.

Arie Vanspronsen sells plants propagated in his hobby greenhouse for the rock garden and small urban garden.

Jeff Mason's family all get involved in selling perennials, specialty annuals and container plants . No orders can be placed in advance.

Geranium, Pelargonium and Fuchsia Society of Ontario sells a wide selection of their plants, just in time for the arrival of warm weather. 

Virginia's plants for May plant sale 2020.pdf85.92 KB