In his book, Seed Germination Theory and Practice, Norman Deno describes this very easy method for using GA3.

A 2.5" square of paper towel is folded 3 times to give a pad .5" x 1". This is moistened with water and the seeds are placed on top. Over the seeds is sprinkled the amount of GA3 that can be balanced on the narrow end of a flat toothpick. The pad is then placed in a plastic baggie. After 24 hours the seeds can be sown in the normal fashion. This technique gives a concentration of 1000 ppm.


For a fuller explanation of GA3, see BotanyCa by Gabriela Costea, ORG&HPS member. She describes how she has used GA3 from our current stock.

Gardenfundamentals by Robert Pavlis also provides useful tips.


We highly recommend this video about GA3 produced by Robert Pavlis for an ORG&HPS meeting and now posted on his You Tube channel.


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