inactive seedex


Our next annual seed exchange (Seedex) will take place in December 2024.

We also offer an informal Recalcitrant/Hydrophilic Seed Exchange for Members which takes place during the growing season.

Please collect seeds throughout the growing season for donation to the Seedex. Click here for donation instructions.

 Each member may order up to 60 packages of seed for $15.

  • Other people in a household who have been identified as ORG&HPS members may each place one additional order. These orders also cost $15 each.
  • Orders can be placed on-line or by post.
  • We do not ship orchid seeds outside Canada.
  • We fill orders on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to those who have donated at least 5 kinds of seeds.


Residents of the USA can order only those seeds approved for entry into your country. Restricted seeds are identified in our Seedex with the symbol [X] in the germination code. As well, USDA inspectors will reject any seed identified only as "sp." if even one plant in its entire genus is considered inadmissible. Do not request seed from a vaguely defined region. "Caucasus"  or "Pamir Mountains" are not sufficiently precise to qualify as country-of-origin.


Please keep in mind that a Small Lots of Seed Permit is required and must be sent in with your order, along with the Conditions, an itemized list of the seed names, your own mailing label and the yellow and green mailing label. If you have recently applied for the permit, and expect it soon, you can send it later on. USA regulations restrict importation to 50 packets of seed, but if you fill in all 60 spaces, we'll stop when we get to 50 if you were lucky enough to get all your wishes!

If you find that you are having trouble receiving your shipments through the inspection station that you currently use, you can request new green & yellow labels printed with another station. It does not have to be the station nearest your home.  It is suggested that you not use the Los Angeles, JFK, or Miami inspection stations, as they are very busy.



Please check your country's regulations and do not place an order if a phytosanitary certificate is required for importing seeds. We are unable to provide the certificate and will not ship seeds if one is required.