To donate seeds by mail, send them to:

Arie Vanspronsen

2 Union St, Box 1234

Waterdown ON

L0R 2H0

Email your donation sheets to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Members are encouraged to review "The Art of Seed Collection"

It is the Meeting Video of June 13, 2021, found under the Members Only tab.


What to donate

  • all kinds of seed

especially alpine species, rock garden species and wild-collected seed

  • seed which will be viable for at least one year

see Seeds with Short Viability which are Welcome Donations

  • well dried seed

see Collecting Seeds

  • well-cleaned seed

see Cleaning and Storage of Seeds

view video by Robert Pavlis, ORG&HPS member


What not to donate

  •  hydrophilic (recalcitrant) seed

see About Hydrophilic Seed

see List of Hydrophilic Seeds

  •  species which are invasive in Ontario

see Grow Me Instead