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The Seedex is back! Please see Donation Guidelines.
You must be a member to donate or order seeds.


The ORG&HPS seed exchange is a major activity for our society, and the Seedex depends completely on our members sending in seeds. By donating 5 items, you get preferred status when it comes to ordering, and you then get the pick of the crop which becomes a real bonus with some of the seeds which are in short supply.

Please ensure that the seed is as clean as possible, free of contaminants, dried well and properly labelled and preferably in taped glassines which are available from Carol Clark or Arie Vanspronsen either by mail or pickup from them for a small fee. 50/$1 plus postage.

At the meetings on Sept 10 and Oct 15, you can pick up as many as 50 very old, but useable, glassine envelopes for free.

Article: “Save those seeds” on page 3 of the September 2019 Journal https://onrockgarden.com/images/Journals/Journal-2019-09-DPI-600-2400-8823.pdf

Video: “The art of seed collection--How to Clean and Donate Seeds to ORG&HPS” Presented by Robert Pavlis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Azo5GdgAA7s

We no longer include vegetable seeds in the Seedex.

We do not accept seeds which are hydrophilic (recalcitrant). However, you can participate in an informal exchange of hydrophilic seeds. See here.

We also do not accept seeds classified as noxious weeds in the Canadian Seeds Act.