Plant Sales 

We welcome the public to all of our plant sales.

There is always a members' table where a wide-ranging selection of plants propagated and donated by our members are sold. At most sales there are also commercial vendors and members selling their own plants. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card. Usually there are trays of some sort available to carry your plants home, but it is advisable to bring your own if possible.

September, October and April

These plant sales are held in conjunction with our regular meetings. Additional details about each sale will be posted on the monthly meeting page as they become available.

Super Plant Sale

This is our major sale, held in May each year. Click here for full details.



There is no schedule for the auctions. Sometimes they are announced on the meeting page, but usually items arrive unexpectedly just before the meeting begins! These auctions offer another great opportunity where you may be lucky and pick up a nice plant.


Sales of Seed Sowing Supplies

Supplies are available at every meeting.  Click here for details