NARGS Chapter Service Awards for distinguished service and devotion

2023: Anna Leggatt

2022: Ewan Mackay

2022:  Veronica Callinan

2021:  Sherill Allard

2021:  Diana Pooke

2020:  Barbara Cooper and Bella Seiden

2019: Susan and Michael Dolbey

2018: Carol Clark

Award of Merit for outstanding contributions to rock and alpine gardening

2021: Mariel Tribby

2019: Carol Clark

2014: Judit Dumont (not a member at the time)

2012: Patricia Highberg

2007: Joyce Fingerut

1985: Norman Singer (not an ORG&HPS member at the time)

1982: Francis H. Cabot

Linc and Timmy Foster Millstream Garden Award for creating a superior garden

2023: Lee & Arie Vanspronsen

2019: Darren Heimbecker

2014: Judith Dumont (not an ORG&HPS member at the time)

2012: Patricia Highberg

 Geoffrey B. Charlesworth Writing Prize for the best article in the Rock Garden Quarterly

2009: Andrew Osyany

2008: Kristl Walek

 Marvin E. Black Award for excellence in promoting membership in NARGS; organizing study weekends, national, and international meetings

2023 Roslyn Duffus

2022: Carol Eichler

2018: Anna Leggatt

2003: Joyce Fingerut

2002: Marion Jarvie

Carleton R. Worth Award for distinguished writings about rock gardening and rock garden plants in a book or in magazine articles

2021: Brian Bixley

1999: Trevor Cole

1997: Frederick W. Case

1990: Geoffrey B. Charlesworth

Edgar T Wherry Award  for outstanding contribution in the dissemination of botanical and/or horticultural information about native North American plants

2020: Joyce Fingerut

2006: Marilyn Light (not an ORG&HPS member at the time)

1974: Frederick W. Case

Marcel Le Piniec Award for a nursery person, propagator, hybridizer, or plant explorer who is currently actively engaged in extending and enriching the plant material available to rock gardeners

2009: Harvey and Irene Wrightman