Deadline for Nargs Award nominations is January 2!

Award recipients do not need to be members of NARGS in many cases


NARGS AGM 2023 Nova Scotia Videos

Annual Meeting

March, 2024  San Francisco Bay Area. NARGS subsidy possible for a first time ORG&HPS attendee. Contact Dave Pounds.


Botanizing Patagonia  26 Nov 2023 - 07 Dec 2023

Newfoundland Limestone Barrens 28 Jun - 06 Jul 2024

NARGS Virtual Study Days

January 13, 2024 Host: Todd Boland - The Undervalued Ranunculaceae: Hepatica, Anemone, Ranunculus, Clematis - Speakers: John Massey, Todd Boland, Cliff Booker, & Deborah Hardwick

February 10, 2024 What’s New in Rock Gardening Host: Paul Spriggs - Speakers: Adam Black, Paul Spriggs, Elisabeth & Rod Zander & others.