Events Calendar

Title Link Start Date Start Time
ZOOM Meeting featuring David Sellars - "A Hillside Garden in Coastal British Columbia" Sunday 13 December 2020 01:00pm
Zoom Meeting featuring Paul Spriggs - "Grand Tour - Crevice Gardens of the Czech Republic" Sunday 08 November 2020 01:00pm
September meeting Wednesday 02 September 2020 01:00pm
April Meeting and Members' Plant Sale featuring Julia Corden of Explorers Garden in Pitlochry, Scotland Sunday 09 August 2020 12:30pm
GARDEN TOURS Monday 13 July 2020 08:00am
March Meeting featuring John Mitchell of the Edinburgh Botanic Garden Sunday 05 July 2020 01:30pm
April Meeting and Members' Plant Sale featuring Jenny Wainright-Klein Sunday 07 June 2020 12:30pm
May 2020 Super Plant Sale Sunday 03 May 2020 11:00am
March Meeting featuring Mike Bone Sunday 08 March 2020 01:30pm
Get the Jump on Spring Saturday 22 February 2020 10:00am
January Meeting featuring Jay Akerley Sunday 12 January 2020 01:30pm
December Meeting featuring Inge Poot Sunday 08 December 2019 01:30pm
April Meeting and Members' Plant Sale featuring Ger van den Beuken: NOTE 2 talks beginning at 11 am Sunday 07 April 2019 11:00am
Get the Jump On Spring Saturday 23 February 2019 10:00am
February Meeting featuring Martin Galloway Sunday 17 February 2019 01:30pm