Peter Zale, Ph.D holds a Master’s degree and Ph.D in plant breeding and genetics (2009, 2014) from The Ohio State University

and is currently Associate Director, Conservation, Plant Breeding, and Collections, at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

In this position he leads curatorial activities, the plant breeding programs, the plant exploration program, and the plant conservation program.  He has participated in over 25 plant exploration expeditions throughout the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Republic of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and China. In his spare time, he has been building his own “private botanical garden” rich in collections of hardy geophytes, woodland plants, trees, shrubs, and a variety of other plants that reflect personal interests and as a tool for teaching his two young sons the value and benefits of plants, gardening, and the natural world.

2021 - 10

My Garden and Plant Collection